General Information:

Seishikan High School is located in the eastern region of Hiroshima Prefecture in Fukuyama City. In 1968 our campus was moved from its original location to accommodate an increasing number of students. Now its campus lies on a hill overlooking Fukuyama Castle in the heart of the city. We are a coeducational public high school with a student body of around 840 students in total. Our students pursue a broad, high academic curriculum with the ultimate aim of most being to attend a four-year university.

History of Seishikan:

Late in the Edo period, Japan as a nation came to realize that openness and development through cooperation with other countries would be compulsory. In this context, one in which the nation had started to establish modes of development and culture similar to the West, Seishikan was founded in 1855. The actual founding of Seishikan was undertaken by Abe Masahiro, who was then Fukuyama’s reigning daimyo and leader of the shogun’s council of elders (a position equivalent to today’s prime minister). As of now (2017), approaching the 163rd since its founding, Seishikan has seen more than 30,000 graduates pass through its halls. Throughout this long history, many of Seishikan’s graduates have gone on to play auspicious roles in a wide array of professional and public arenas.

School Features:

We are fortunate to be a very well outfitted school. Besides the three expansive school buildings, our students can use an array of facilities including the gym, full sized auditorium, library, and two sports fields. There is also a historical resources center which records and displays our school’s growth and development through history. To commemorate the opening of the new campus location in 1968, a replica of the original genkan (school entrance) was built with a mock-up of a traditional classroom inside. This is opened for viewing by the public once a year. There is also the so-called Seminar House, which is a traditional Japanese-style building where students and staff can gather on special occasions to build stronger bonds.


Our guiding principles are the following: to cultivate students who will strive to broaden their horizons, to reach a higher standard of academic excellence, to be able to work well with others, and to think creatively. Thus our motto is:

広く学び 深く考え 人を愛し 夢に立ち向かえる生徒

Let’s be students who learn broadly, think deeply, love our fellow man, and chase after our dreams.

Fukuyama City:

Fukuyama is known colloquially as The City of Roses and in fact, if you visit the city, you will not only see rose emblems, but actual rosebushes all over the city. Although it has a small-town feel, it is the second largest city in Hiroshima Prefecture with a population of around 450,000. It has long been important as an industrial center with many factories producing steel and machinery. About 30 minutes to the south and west are Tomonoura and Onomichi respectively, which are pleasant and popular tourist destinations. The train station, which is a main stop off for those who take the bullet train, is unique for being so close to the castle. Passengers get a wonderful up-close view as they pass by.